Monday, May 13, 2013

And the Pirates Quiz winners are...


CONGRATULATIONS everyone for participating in the QUIZ!

There are 17 people who sent their answers to the 5 questions. All of you will have a POSITIVE mark.

Here are the RIGHT ANSWERS:

 1. What is a "Jolly Roger" for a pirate?
a) A pirates drink
b) The pirates anchor
c) A pirates clue to find the treasure
d) The pirates flag

2. What is the name of the ship of pirate Long John Silver?
a) The Africana
b) The Catalana
c) The Hispaniola
d) The Hispanic Ship  

3. What was the real name of the pirate Blackbeard?
a) Jack Sparrow
b) Edward Teach
c) Henry Morgan
d) William Kidd  

4. What is the name of Penelope Cruz in the film "Pirates of the Caribbean" ?
a) Angelica Teach
b) Dolores la Pirata
c) Pirate miss Cruz
d) Jennifer Sparrow
5. What famous cartoon pirate has got a hook for a hand?
a) El Holandés Errante
b) Black Hook
c) Long Hook Silver
d) Captain Hook

Here is the winners list:

Sol 5A
Ana Lian 5A
Ivan 5B
Ana Paula 5B
Ana 6A
Marina 6A
Paula Millan 6A
Paula B. 6B
Alba 6B

You can come to the English class to collect your present.

Thank you boys and girls for participating! :D


Anonymous said...

What an amazing blog! I love it. Thanks for the work.

Pilar Olivares

Antonia said...

Una actividad divertida y motivadora para el estudio. Bien por el maestro. Gracias

Escola Les Roquetes said...

Gracias Antonia por el comentario!

Thank you Antonia for your comment!

ismamolun said...

me gusta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!