Saturday, March 29, 2014

Billy Banjo, theatre trip!

Hello children of 3rd and 4th grades!!!

Last Wednesday, we went to the teathre, in Vilanova, to see the show Billy Banjo, by IPA Productuins. We had great fun, it was amazing, as always! We had a wonderful morning, have a look at the pictures:

First, we visited the town market and them we had breakfast in a park.

These are the main characters of the story: Billy Banjo and his wife, Kate.

You all participated in the show, by singing and helping Billy. And some of you, took part in the play!!!

There was also a concert in the show, it was amazing!!!

Here you can see all the pictures of the trip. What's your opinion of the story?? We will be happy if you write us a comment :)

Billy Banjo on PhotoPeach


angel 4a said...

i love music of Billy banjo

marta 4A said...

it was fan :)

Escola Les Roquetes said...

What a fun trip to the theatre! I'm happy that you liked the play. I'm sure the songs and the actors were brilliant. Well done boys and girls, and Cristina!


maria gatpandan 4rt A said...

I loved the tour cristina we must again repeat it again

maria gatpandan 4rt A