Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What's in the fridge? (6th grade)


Today I want to suggest another activity for the 6th grade students to practise the use of there is and there are with countable and uncountable nouns.

Here's an image of the food inside a fridge. I want you to write 2 sentences in the comments section: one for countable food and one for uncountable food. It can be affirmative or negative.

If the sentences are correct, you will have a positive mark. Come on, let's do it! 
(you can click on the picture to make it bigger)


Mai 6thB said...

Hello Michael, mi name is Mai.
There are some eggs
There is some milk.
see you later Michael

Paula.M said...

I'm Paula Martin 6thB:

1- There is an aplees

2- There are some milk

Pol 6b said...

Hello Michael
i'm Pol of 6B
My two sentences:
There are some apples.
There isn't any butter

Paula 6B said...

1-There are some chesse in the fridge.
2-There isn´t any mangoes in the fridge.

There's all bybye!!!

Paula.L 6thB

Avril 6éA said...

Are there any bananas?
There are some salt?

Anonymous said...

Hello Michaelle i'm Erik de 6eA

There is some orange juice.

There are five tomatos.

Tere aren't any fish.

there isn't any butter.

diego linger 6th said...

are there any tomatoes in this fridge?
there is a milk in the fridge.

Ruben6A said...

There are some oranges.
There is some water

Anonymous said...

there is a milk

there are a five tomatoes

Paula 6è A said...

Uncountable ;There is some milk
Countable ; There are 3 eggs

lucas said...

there is a orange
there are a soe milk
Lucas 6eA

Keiler Anto said...

There is four apples in the fridge
there are ketchup in the fridge

Anonymous said...

there are six oranges
there is some juice alex.

Omnia Jilali Boujida said...

Hello michel!!

1-In the fridge there is some cream.
2-In the fridge there are some eggs

bye bye michel
see you in the class

Omnia Jilali Boujida

Sandra 6eb said...

Hello Michael. This are the phrases :

1- Countable affirmative: There are any egs.

2- Countable negative: There aren't any doughnuts.

3- Uncountable affirmative: There is any water.

4- Uncountable negative: There isn't any salt.

Bye bye...

Marc Navarro said...

Hello Michael!!!

There is some apples and there is some tomatoes.

There are some milk and there are some water.

diego said...

hello michael i am Diego of 6b

-ther's some cheese

-ther are some orange


Hello my name is Eric from 6B

1-There aren't a carrot.

2-There's some cheese.

3-There are some apples.

4-There's some orange.

Bye bye Michael.

maria 6 b said...

hello michael
in the fridge ther is some water
in the fridge there are some apples

silvia6b said...

hello michael

there is some cheese

there are two tomatoes

Said said...

1: There is some water

2: Tere are some apples