Friday, March 27, 2015

We go to Treasure Island (the play!) 5th and 6th grades


How are you?

We are very happy because on Wednesday all Cicle Superior went to the theatre, the watch Treasure Island by IPA Productions.

We had a great time! Here are some photos of the children and the play:

(we are ready for the show!)
(some of our students like going on stage very much!)
(Pirate Long John Silver wants to steal the map)
(the children are having fun)
(children from different schools participate in the play)
(we know the songs and the dance routines)
(Ben has been on the island for 5 years and he's a bit...crazy!)
(the children help Jim find the treasure)


alba 5eA said...

this theatre is very funny! :)

andrea riol 5*B said...

I like a lot this theatre is very funny and is the best on the moment!!!

Omnia Jilali Boujida said...

The theatre is very fun.

Andrea Car 5A said...

The theatre is ver y funny
I like a lot michael thank you for the theatre

erika abad galvez 5A said...

hello Michel sos la tata
is very fanier
I really liked this theater to sing all.