Saturday, May 9, 2015

Theatre: Tarzan! (3rd and 4th)


Finally, last Friday, boys and girls of Second Cycle went to the theatre! We watch the play "Tarzan", by IPA Productions. And it was great fun!

We are ready for the show!

Jane and Clayton are both in the jungle looking for monkeys, but for different reasons...

Tarzan is strong and brave but he also smells bad...

Our lucky student of 4th, Ana, went on stage!

She dressed up as an elephant and helped Tarzan wash his body.

We all wanted to participate in the play.

Yousef, from 3rd grade, played a game with Jane!

Fianlly, with the help of all the children in the theatre, Tarzan became a clean and attractive man and Jane fell in love with him!


erika abad galvez 5A said...

hello Michael, soc la erika.

Aquest teatre hem va agrada molt perque te feian participar i yo bui a nar un altra vegada.

Escola Les Roquetes said...

Hello Erika!

I'm glad you liked the theatre.

We will go again next year! :D

See you!