Thursday, September 24, 2015

5th and 6th sing-a-long!


How are you boys and girls?

We like music and we like to have some time in every class to listen and sing to the songs we like.

In 5th grade the students listened and filled the gaps in a lyrics activity. They loved the song and the video. And in the song you can hear all the days of the week:

In 6th grade we went for a happy song and easy to learn. Why don't you try? I really really really really really really like... this song! Watch the video here:


alba 6A said...

michael it's very funny!!!!

erika abad 6a said...

hello michael is bery fanier!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

andrea car 6A

Michael I love this song is very beautifull

Thanks Michael and goodbye

alex y sergi said...

Michael the videowaiting for love is rather sad but joyful wing