Thursday, February 11, 2016

Comparative sentences (5th grade)

Hello 5th grade students!

In Unit 4 we are revising and learning more about...

But now it's time to learn how to make comparisons...

Here are some activities that are really good to practice:


You want more?

Click 1 and 2 and 3 and 4

Easy or difficult? Tell us in the comments section!



Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Miriam 5èB.
I play all the games, i love the games

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael my name is Miriam 5èB.
I play all the games,i love the games.
It's very easy!!!!

Julia,Iratxe de 5é A said...

Hay,Mickel la Julia i la Iratxe hem jugat a les 3 activitats,pensem que les activitats son molts facils els tendries que posar una mica mes difisils.

Maickel tu si que saps explicar be las cosas!!!

De:Iratxe y Julia. Para:Maickol.

Anonymous said...

We names are TANIA and NATALIA of 5b
Hemos hecho las actividades hemos tenido 10/10 y 8/10.
Son bastante faciles.

Anonymous said...

hello my name is hellen and paula wea are playing dis game is very funny

Anonymous said...

hello Michael im Cristian and Joel for 5eB the games are very easy and good for the students.

paula hele said...

my name is hellen and paula la actividas 1 es mu easy pon mas dificiles

Anonymous said...

my name is hellen and paula the activiti 1 is very very easy

Ainhoa y Ouasila said...

my name is ainhoa and ouasila de 5b
ens agraden molt els jocs

Escola Les Roquetes said...

So the activities are easy????
So it means you are very intelligent and you are ready for the exam!!!hehehe

Well done boys and girls! Good job!

See you in class!

Anonymous said...

Hello my name is Miriam 5èB.
He fet totes les activitas,son molt divertides,i son bastant facils

ainoa said...

hola michel soc la Ainoa de 5a he jugat al primer de las 7 que hi ha es molt fácil mi score es 8 !!!!

Anonymous said...

Marc 5th A

Hello michael is very funny

paula 5éB said...

hello mickel i played other the games i like the games