Friday, March 18, 2016

Guess the animals (3rd grade)

Hello boys and girls!!
Here you have the descriptions of the animals you wrote.
It’s  small
It ‘s  brown
It  has  got  a long tail and 2 legs
It  can  jump
It  eats  fruit

It’s  small.
It  hasn't  got  wings.
It's  got  a  long  tail.
It's  got  four  legs.
It's  got  big  eyes  and  it can see  in  the  night.
It's  fast.
It  can  be  black, white, brown and grey
It can run, walk, jump and climb
It eats fish, insects and it likes milk

It‘s big and grey. It has got four legs and a trunk. The nose is very big.

It’s small, short and fast.
It’s brown,black and white.
It has got eyes, ears, nose, head, four legs, sharp claws and body.
It hasn’t got wings.
It eats meat, plants, fruit, grass and fish.
It can jump, walk, run and climb.

It eats fruit.
It´s got claws, wings and a beak.
It can fly.
It´s medium and fast.
It´s white and black.

This animal has got four legs, a tail and a neck.
It eats plants .This animal  is very very tall .
It can run and walk .It´s big and fast .
It has got a long neck. It´s yellow and brown
It lives in Africa.

It´s got two legs, one neck, big ears, a tail, teeth and one nose .
It´s big and tall.
It´s brown.
It can jump .
It can´t swim.
It eats grass.

It´s big, fast and long. It´s brown. It eats grass and straw.
It´s got four legs, teeth, a tail and a neck. I can run, jump and walk.

It eats insects.
It´s got claws.
It can walk.
It´s fast.
It´s brown .
It can´t fly.
It hasn´t got fins.

My animal is medium. It has got a long body, a long mouth, a fin and bones. It hasn't got wings, feathers, claws, legs and arms. It eats fish. It doesn't eat plants, meat, grass, seaweeds, insects and fruit. It's grey. Which animal is it?

Try to guess all the animals. We will see who has more correct answers. Good luck!!

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