Thursday, May 12, 2016

Past Simple practice - Regular Verbs (6th grade)

Hello boys and girls!

The end of the school year is near but we still have to do many things at school.

In the last unit of 6th grade we are learning about past simple of regular and irregular verbs.

Let's start with some activities to practise Past Simple with regular verbs:

Activity 8

And you can watch this video to revise what we do in class: 


Andrea Carceller 6èA said...

Hello Michael!!!

I do old the activities,I always tell you that this activitis are so easy,so, please, put activitis more difficults.


bye bye Michael

júlia G 6é A said...

júlia G.6é A

The exercises are very easy and the video served me.

Roberto Telis said...

hello michael i'm a roberto this activities its very cool

Alba 6thA said...

Michaeeel it's easyy!! I see the video!!

I'm alba of 6thA

Andrea Riol 6ºB said...

hi Michael!!!!!!
the activities are very easy.
and de video are very good!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello michael i'm Alba 6thB.

The activitis are easy and cool and the video has served me.

Bye-bie mihael!!

Miriam 6eB said...

the activities are very cool and interesting