Saturday, April 13, 2013

A trip to the theatre! TARZAN (3rd and 4th Grades)

Last Thursday 11th April, we went to the theatre in Vilanova i la Geltrú to see the play Tarzan, all in English!    It was very funny, we laughed a lot!

This is Jane the photographer, and Clayton the hunter. They are looking for monkeys in the jungle.

These are Tarzan and his monkey Cheeta. Tarzan is strong, brave and attractive. But he smells very bad! So, he asks for help from his animals friends about personal hygiene.

Andrea Riol (3rdA), Joan R. (4thA) and Melissa (teacher) participated in the story! They did a competition: Melissa had to mime some animals and the children had to guess them.

A crocodile eats Clayton:

Now Jane likes Tarzan and Tarzan likes Jane. They fall in love...

It was a fantastic play, we had a lot of fun!

What's your opinion about the play? You can write your comments here (remember to write your name and class).


Ariadna 3rd A said...

I love the play! (Ariadna 3rd A)
It's very good and very funny!

4th A CLASS said...

I give this story a 10 (Diego 4th A)
Good theatre (Joan Riera 4th A)
The actors were excellent (Mai 4th A)
The actors were excellent and perfect (Marc 4th A)
It's very funny. (Pol 4th A)
My visit to the theatre was excellent (Cristian 4th A)

Anonymous said...

it´s very funny (Pol 4th A)