Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Countries Interviews

Hello there! How are you?

In the the last activity of our Countries Project the boys and girls of 6th grade became TV presenters.

We tranformed the class into a TV studio and we practised a short interview between a famous TV presenter and a famous celebrity from a foreign country.

The guests talked about their countries: capital, flag, language, currency...

It was a funny activity. We had a laugh! (some of the interviews we repeated them maaany times! :-D)

Here are some of the videos:

We hope that you liked them. Write a comment to the stutents of 6th level and tell them what you think of their hard work! :D


esperanza sanchez said...

I´m Andy the alls videos are cool.
To my family loves de videos.

andy 6thB

esperanza sanchez said...

my name is andy my family loves de videos

Escola Les Roquetes said...

Thank you Andy and all your family! I am glad you like the videos, you did a great interview with Dani!