Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Science in Kindergarten


We have started doing "tallers" in Kindergarten. They're about Science. One of them is in English!

This first term we are learning about VOLCANOES!

First, we talk about volcanoes and we watch some images on the screen. Then, we do our own volcano.

First, the ingredients:

We mix some water and orange paint. We stir with a spoon.

Then, more water.

Vinegar is important!

Some more...

We use a paper cone to pour everything into the volcano.

Our special ingredient: soap!

And last but not least: the baking soda!

And... TADA! Our volcano erupts and explodes... and we are delighted to see how the lava goes down.

Then we draw our own volcano eruption with lots of yellow, orange and red to make it look more explosive!

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andrea riol 4th A said...

que monos!!!!!!