Thursday, October 31, 2013



Don't you think there's something missing in our blog? Of course, we don't have a MASCOT!

We think it's time to choose a mascot for our English Blog.

It has to be original, funny and English.

Do you want to participate?

Then, invent, draw and colour your mascot in a DIN A4. Give it to Cristina or Michael before 15th November. 

We will make an exhibition with all the pictures and then we will choose the best one!

The winner mascot will be the blog's image and everybody will see it.

Come on, think and start drawing! :D


Eric Garcia Peinado 5eB said...

Hello.Mi name is Eric the 5èB
when you put in the English blog mascot

Anonymous said...

Hello!!my name is alba de 4thA jo vui votar al 5
Alba F