Thursday, October 31, 2013

And the winners are...

It's 31st October!
Halloween Glitter - GIFMANIA
Tonight is the Halloween night!

The winners of the HALLOWEEN QUIZ are:

- 3rd and 4th quiz: 
Maria, Marc, Carol and Abril (3rd A)
Cristian, Ainhoa, Nerea, Natalia and Paula (3rd B)
Andrea Riol and Marta (4th A)
Cris B, Joni and Andrea (4th B)

- 5th and 6th quiz: 
Mai (5th B)

Thank you all for participating, you will have a positive mark!

Have a scary Halloween night and take photos, so you can bring them to class.

Monstruos de Halloween - GIFMANIA

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kevin garcia said...

Yo quiero otra piruletaaaaaaaa!!