Thursday, October 3, 2013

WANTED (dead or alive...)

Hello art-lovers!

We have already started with our Arts&Crafts workshops in English! It's been great! The first activity we have done this year with Cicle Mitjà consists of drawing PORTRAITS. But, in a funny way! Pupils have drawn themselves as if they were bandits from the Fart West. They have given themselves a false name and established a reward. Do you want to see the results? Can you guess who they are?

- 3rd A: Alex, Ana Isabel, Abril, Adam, Pol and Norbert.
- 3rd B: Paula, Lucas, Miguel, Lucia and Hellen.
- 4th A: Kilia, Marta, Àlex, Carlos, Alba and Cristina.
- 4th B: Jonathan, Andrea, Sergi, Raquel and Judith.

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