Tuesday, October 21, 2014

P5 children love singing in English


How are you today?

The P5 little children are such good singers!

They love singing in class. Today we want to show you two songs from www.supersimplelearning.com that we do almost every morning.

First video is P5 B singing the "Hello, Hello" song:

The second video is P5 A singing "If you're happy clap your hands":

If you're happy, happy, happy, clap your hands!

If you're angry, angry, angry, stomp your feet.

If you're scared, scared, scared say Oh No!

If you're sleepy, sleepy, sleepy take a nap... zzz zzz zzz

We hope you like them!!!


Sonia Gil Medina said...

I clap my hands because I'm very, very happy whit this video!!!!

Escola Les Roquetes said...

I'm glad you like it Sonia! :D

I will post more videos soon.

Thanks for the message.


Carla Rodriguez said...

Very good job. Love this blog is one of my favorites.

cesar p5A said...

Hola Maikel que chulos los videos.