Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things we like doing (6th grade)

Hello boys and girls!

Let's talk about the activities we like doing in our free time. Oh look, say HELLO to Flusky!

Read about FLUSKY hobbies:

My favourite hobby is taking photos. I take photos when I travel around the world and I also take photos of my friends and family. I also like collecting magnets from the places I visit.
I like sports too. I often go swimming and cycling. I sometimes play the drums. I never go fishing. Oh! And I also like cooking!

Can you tell us about your hobbies now? Write about it in the comments section!

And here there are some activities for you to practise and learn more about hobbies, free time, days of the week... come on!

Click HERE


Joan 6èB said...

very funny!

Pol 6B said...

It's easy and very fun :)

omnia 6 e b said...

it is very fun!