Monday, November 17, 2014

P5 sing two more songs (P5)

Good afternoon!

The boys and girls of P5 want to show you how much they love SONGS. Songs are a very important song in our English class.

Sometimes the songs are to move and dance around the class. Sometimes it helps us learn new vocabulary like colours or animals. Sometimes we just sit down, listen and sing. 

Here P5 A sing "Let's go to the zoo" because we are learning about wild animals now and we all love going to the zoo.

In the next video P5 B move around with "Walking, walking" song. It's perfect to learn "action verbs" like swim, sleep, hop, run, walk, jump tip toe, etc... it's great fun!

Both songs belong to the Super Simple Songs collection.


Carla Rodriguez said...

Congratulations for your English classes. I understand that my son loves going to school.

cesar p5A said...

Hola Maikes que chulas las fotos

cesar p5A said...