Monday, November 3, 2014

The Halloween Quiz winners are...

Hello boys and girls!

How was the Halloween weekend? Scary???

Well, here are the quiz right answers:

1- What do children do for Halloween?
c- They dress up and go "trick or treat".

2- What is a Jack O' Lantern?
c- A pumpkin with a candle inside

3- Who can cast a spell on you?
b- A witch

4-What are black cats related to?
c- Bad luck

5- What do spiders make to catch flies?
a- A spider web

6- What do vampires drink?
b- Blood

Angel 5A
Miriam 5B
Erika 6A
Diego 6A
Lucas 6A
Said 6A
 Paula A. 6A
Erik G. 6A
Diego 6B
Pol 6B
Paula M. 6B
Joan A. 6B

Thank you everyone for participating!

Remember that all of you who send the answers will have a POSITIVE mark and the winners will have a very sweet Halloween treat!


Joan 6èB said...

Ueueueueueueueueueueue!!! Hasta mañana a la hora del patio Michael!

Anonymous said...

Hello Michaelle. I'm winer!!!

Erik Garcia Quesada