Thursday, January 8, 2015

Project: Our transport for the future (4th Grade)

Hello everybody, and happy new year!!!

Let's start this second term by remembering some work you did last December.

Pupils of 4th Grade made a project in groups. They had to invent and describe one transport for the future.

First, in groups, they had to think and decide how their transport was going to be:
        • Is it public or private?
        • Is it for people or for goods?
        • Does it travel on land, on water or in the air?
        • Does it cause noise pollution or air pollution?
        • Number of wheels.
        • Colour, size, name,...

Once they had the idea, they drew a picture of their transport and wrote a description of it. 

Finally, each group explained their project to the classmates and answered their questions.

These are the final projects, congratulations for your work!


Ana isabel 4thA said...

I like all projects

Escola Les Roquetes said...

Thank you, Ana Isabel! Cristina

maria gatpandan 4rt A said...

maria gatpandan 4rt A
the proyects i love

mihai 3rB said...

mihai 3rB.Hello cristina i like the game of dinosaurs!

Seraj said...

The project is good