Friday, June 12, 2015

Fish or Piranha? (5th and 6th grade)

Hello boys and girls!

This term in the Art&Craft "tallers" in English we went for something both easy and funny.

We found this activity in the blog Pastiquem and thought it was just perfect!

You just need white cardboard, thick felt-tip pens (markers) for the fish and watercolours for the background.

It's very easy to do, you can get the idea just by looking at the final pictures. Here are some examples:

And the second part of the activity was to invent and create a new and original picture that worked the same way as the fish or piranha. The ideas of the children were awesome. Give a look and tell us what you think:


alba 5eA said...

it's ver funny Michael

alba 5eA

erika abad galvez 5A said...

hello michaelit´s avery fanier

bye bye

erika abad galvez