Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Let's wordshake!

Hello children!

Have you got 3 spare minutes? Then this game is perfect for you: the Word Shaker.

You've got 3 minutes to write as many words as possible using the letters provided in the squares. This game is easy, fun and good for practise.

How many points can you score? Write your name and puntuaction in the comments section! No tricks! :D


5th A said...

We are the class of 5th A. Our score is: 39!

alba 5eA said...

Michael my score was: 30 but with my brother!!!

alba 5A said...

Michael pon cosas mas fáciles!!

5th B said...

We are the class of 5th B... our score is 27!

alba 5eA said...

Michael ara de veritat my score is: 49 i no menteixo!!

el altre comentari m'he equivicat volia dir que fiquis coses mes dificils!!

hugo y marta said...