Tuesday, March 14, 2017


SPECIAL MUFFINS by Naiara, Alex, Nayara, Emma and Mireia

-Sifed flour
-Cocoa powder
-Oreo Cookies
-Vanilla extract
-Sodium bicarbonate

Mix the cocoa powder and flour. Then we separate the parts of the oreo cookies. The outside parts are crushed so that the cake stays juicier. We preparate it and let it rest fifteen minutes.
While we beat the butter and the sugar, we hit at medium speed five minutes, the add one egg.
When it is well mixed, add the second egg mixed again and add the vanilla extract. Tha butter milk is already listed. 
From this moment, we leave the mixter at minimum speed and we add dry ingredients from before. Also get the butter milk. When this is ready mix the outside of the cookie and put it in the oven at 160º for 20 minutes. Let it stannd 5 minutes at room temperature.
After that let's do the frosqueling. Put the butter in the blender at maximum speed for 5 minutes, add the sugar glass after beat and then, DECORATE !!


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