Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Vanilla and Cinnamon cream

Vanilla and Cinnamon Cream by Paula, Hellen and Ainhoa


-500 ml of milk
-4 eggs yolks
-100 gr. of sugar
-150 gr. of whipped cream 
-1 stick of vanilla
-21 of cornstarch
-2 large strawberries


- Blender
- Sauce pan
- Container
- Strainer
- knife
- Table
- Spoon
- Fork
- Blender cream


1. First, we break four eggs by separating egg yolk from the egg white.
2. Then boil 500 ml of milk with vanilla and sugar, previously chop small pieces of strawberries. 
3. Then mix the cornstarch with the yolks.
4. Fourthly, whip the cream into the cream blender. 
5. Then we add 150 gr of cream with the yolk of the eggs, after that we move it and let it rest for a day. 

We hope you like it!!

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